Multicultural Consultations/Presentations

I have over 26 years of experience providing consultations and presentations with academic faculty,  professional staff, and other health care providers who seek assistance dealing with culturally diverse  clients having behavioral or emotional problems. I have participated in outreach programs that assist clients from diverse backgrounds (i.e.: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious orientation, etc.), with their personal, interpersonal, and academic growth, and has helped to broaden the appreciation of the community’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Consultation Services Offered:

·       Coordination the development of programs that enhance diversity and inclusion within organizations, agencies and the community.

·       Outreach services and training seminars  that enhance the multicultural competency of mental health providers.

·       Serve on committees relating to cultural diversity and inclusion.

·       Conduct research projects that pursue questions of applied value of diversity and inclusion in mental health.

·       Provide programs for enhancing  awareness and appreciation of diversity and inclusion in the community.

·       Serve as a consultant to  individuals, organizations, and mental health providers that promote/support issues or race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual orientation, etc. 

·       Monitor policies, practices, and procedures for their unique impact on underrepresented groups, provide consultation to the administration of disparate impacts, and recommend changes where appropriate.  

·       Provide training to post-doctoral, pre-doctoral and masters level mental health providers in the area of multicultural psychology.

Presentations provided (others are developed upon request after a needs assessment is conducted):

·        Organizational Multicultural Competencies in Counseling Centers

·        Community-In-Reach Project (C.I.P.): An Experiential Social Justice Training Model for Predoctoral Psychology Interns, 

·        Stress and Anxiety Management Workshops 

·        Understanding Cultural Privilege through a Cross-Cultural Conflict Simulation 

·        Diverse Identities in Recovery

·        Myths and Realities of Counseling for Queer Community, Safe Zone 2.0 Training, 

·        Understanding Group Process

·        Parent Adjustment Issues when Your Student Leaves for College

·        Helping Skills Training 

·        Cultural Diversity: Classism & Therapeutic Intervention with Latino/a Clients/Patients 

·        Conflict Mediation Training 

·        Stress Management for Athletes

·        Healthy Relationships

·        Living My Life Like its Golden: Counseling clients of African Descent

·        Time management/values clarification 

·         Campus Connect: Suicide Prevention Training for Gatekeepers

·          Race, Religion, & Sexuality 

·          Being Black Enough: Demographics and Issues Facing Black College Students 

·          Staying Centered: Inner Peace and Stress Management Workshop

·          Counseling Issues of Men of African Descent 

·          On Being Black Enough...

·          Careers in Psychology 

·          Stress/Anxiety Management 

·         Time Management for Athletes

·         Strengthening the Black Man 

·         BARNGA: A simulation in cross cultural conflict

·         Let’s Talk: Getting Out of the Counseling Center to Serve Hard-to-Reach Clients 

·        Preparing for College

         Tips for diversity and inclusion in Public Health”

·        Multicultural competency training”, Berrien County Health Department, Benton Harbor, MI, May 31, 2002

·         Self Defense and Psychology Workshops,  

·         Becoming Men of Conscience 

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